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Hello, I’m Brian Degner. Welcome to these pages which are planned to become a valuable resource of important and sometimes difficult to find information even in this information age. These pages are designed to be focussed on Plain and Simple information, to help you to save time, effort and money.

These pages are very new in Internet terms and is being added to all the time. This section was started as many friends and acquaintances commented that the Internet is full of very useful information in abundance. SO much information it was at times difficult to ‘get to the meat’. So, that’s where we started. We looked at some topics that interested me and some of my friends and family and we are building from there.

We need your input

In order for this site to grow and be more and more useful, we need questions or suggestions from you.  As you will see, most of the articles and reviews are by people who are usually subject matter experts. So if you would like to have an article published on any topic we currently are investigating or even one we are not, I would be pleased to hear from you.

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We have started to get some accurate information regarding The Best Way to Lose Weight and Fat Permanently which I know causes a lot of people anguish and frustration getting reliable information. We have some good plain and Simple info available right now.

We have just covered the subject of Insomnia and lack of sleep and are looking at heart problems including high blood pressure and cholesterol. There is a fascinating article on Proper Nutrition by a Medical Doctor .Some of these are ‘work in progress’ but we have put some content up to stimulate conversation.

More topics are ‘coming soon’. We shortly hope to have a source of information for self improvement,  so bookmark this page and come back often.

I Look forward to meeting you somewhere in the ether……..